Idrobenne orange peel grapples are perfect to collect and load all types of metals, in bulk or compacted.

They are designed to provide the client with a durable and reliable attachment with high levels of optimization to guarantee rapid working cycles. For this Idrobenne manufactures its attachments taking into account the hardness, for the impact and wear areas, and the flexibility, for the structural parts.

Idrobenne attachments are driven by hydraulic rotators which are not exposed. They are protected into the structure of the hydraulic grapple projecting a constant force without loss of power. Even if rotators are not exposed they are easily accessible should they require maintenance.

The cylinders are designed to work at a maximum pressure of 350 bar and have a hydraulic braking system that reduces shock when opening, preventing this way the wear of the parts.

Idrobenne gets its supplies from producers located in the province of Brescia, reducing the delivery time of spare parts to a minimum and promoting sustainable and unified production.

Attachment suitable for this type of material